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Literacy & Education

In keeping with the value of the second portion of our mission statement, to “promote literacy within the boxing community,” the Literacy and Education page is offered. To help another person achieve a greater degree of literacy, contact the National Center for Family Literacy. They are physically located in Louisville,…

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Hall of Fame Boxing announcer Al Bernstein honors Youth Program in Sand Diego, CA

Long time boxing announcer, recent International Boxing Hall of Fame inductee, and lead announcer for Showtime boxing broadcasts Al Bernstein is scheduled to visit the Any Body Can (ABC) boxing gym in San Diego, CA today.  A youth program founded by the late Archie Moore, the legendary former light heavyweight…

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Dundee’s View with Bert Sugar

Dundee’s View with Bert Sugar a great one Angelo Dundee’s autobiography, My View from the Corner: A Life in Boxing, written with (which always means by) the great boxing journalist Bert Sugar, has greatly enhanced my enjoyment of the Christmas season. Dundee begins with a description of the small but…

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Leonard’s “The Big Fight” great Christmas read

Published earlier this year, Sugar Ray Leonard’s autobiography, The Big Fight: My Life In and out of the Ring, is a great read for Christmas time and to carry you through an inspirational start to the new year. Written with Michael Arkush, the book opens with Leonard’s contemplation of what…

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“The Fighter” a Knockout for Wahlberg, Bale, Adams

Paramount Pictures “The Fighter,” starring Mark Wahlberg, Christian Bale and Amy Adams, is a compelling adaptation of Bob Halloran’s biography of Lowell, Massachusetts boxer “Irish” Micky Ward. Chronicling Ward’s career from its stall in the midst of tough fights and dysfunctional family melodrama to his challenge of Shea Neary in…

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Burrell Bad News for first opponent

Burrell Bad News for first opponent one half of Roca’s twin protegés wins on Duran-Vanda undercard Deano ‘Bad Newz’ Burrell of New York won his professional boxing debut on November 12 in a Lightweight bout at Schuetzen Park in North Bergen, New Jersey. He scored a 2nd round TKO over…

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Bert Sugar on Four Letter Word Cigars at Gleason’s Gym

Just before the September 28 Golden Boy Promotions press conference with Oscar De La Hoya at Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn, New York, I got the chance to speak with the premier boxing journalist of today, Bert Sugar. We had a great exchange. I reminded Bert that we’d first met in…

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Tareq Azim Lives Family Legacy with Afghani Women’s Boxing Federation, Hope of Mother, and a Desire to Give

Tareq Azim has learned to apply the basics of success from one area in his life to another, fulfilling a responsibility he accepts to represent himself, his family, and their country of origin in a dignified manner. He does so through the exercise of his talents in boxing and other…

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Ruben “Hurricane” Carter Dares you to Dream

Former Middleweight contender, Ruben “Hurricane” Carter, has spent years promoting literacy. Convicted of a triple murder in 1967, he appealed his case for 20 years until released from New Jersey State prison after charges were dropped in 1988. He answered my questions at a press conference for literacy promotion and…

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Sugar Ray Leonard Recommends Book

Sugar Ray Leonard was in Minneapolis for a celebrity roast of Scott LeDoux at the City Center Marriot to raise money for the charity Wishes and More on Sunday, May 3. Looking well, articulating himself eloquently, and politely and respectfully granting Boxers and Writers Magazine a quick interview before signing…

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