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Rope Burns In The Corner

Note: Boxersandwritersmagazine has been less active in the last year. Fortunately, circumstances have changed to allow for more frequent publishing. Below is a book review written last year. Please enjoy and expect more Boxing writing that pulls no punches soon. Yesterday I finished reading Rope Burns: stories from the corner,…

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Literary Arts

This web site was launched at the close of March and opening of April, 2009. Because the Literary Arts page consists originally of Irish oriented stories, including the below references to the theatrical boxing exhibition at the 2008 Minnesota Irish Fair, it feels appropriate to mark the transition away from…

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Literary Pugilist ‘Malicious’ Mark Connor back in ring for Irish Fair Exhibition

While launching this first edition of the new online literary boxing magazine, boxersandwritersmagazine.com, I happily report that 2008 kept me busy in a very positive way. While running a personal training business, contracting freelance writing work as well as writing fiction, drama and poetry for future publication, and making ends…

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Portrait of the Artist as a Boxing Man

“Irish” Danny Morgan began boxing at a very young age. Most fighters who go far do. Coming from a family of 12—including five brothers and six sisters—he grew up in an environment that encouraged competitive athletic development. After all, a lot of siblings means a lot of rough-housing, and when…

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FIGHTING FENIANS: a St. Paul Boxing Tradition

(Editor’s Note: The following story is a fictional narrative for a semi-scripted Theatrical Boxing Exhibition at the 2008 Minnesota Irish Fair in St. Paul, MN, USA. The story is an original creation of Mark Connor protected by U.S. Copyright law, and the production is the property of Danny Morgan and…

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