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Ruben “Hurricane” Carter Dares you to Dream

HurricaneCarterHurricaneCarterPulseFormer Middleweight contender, Ruben “Hurricane” Carter, has spent years promoting literacy. Convicted of a triple murder in 1967, he appealed his case for 20 years until released from New Jersey State prison after charges were dropped in 1988. He answered my questions at a press conference for literacy promotion and on behalf of the Canadian based International Association of the Wrongfully Convicted in 2001 at the University of Minnesota. We met again in North Minneapolis in 2005, where he autographed the article I wrote about the first appearance, a press pack photo of him, and a copy of Hurricane: the miraculous journey of Ruben Carter, an autobiography with James S. Hirsch published in TheHurricane2000. The book is strongly recommended for insight into Carter’s experience. The message Carter includes with his autograph—”Dare To Dream Always,”—coincides with the values of boxersandwritersmagazine.com.

Hurricane: The Miraculous Journey of Rubin Carter

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