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“Sweet Dream” Kliewer Shines with win over Bonsante

The lackluster return of Tony Bonsante to the ring against an energized Bobby Kliewer turned out to be the de facto main event and undisputed highlight of Saturday night’s “Seasons Beatings” professional boxing show at the Target Center.

The switch to that match from the originally planned main event of Matt Vanda in a rematch against Phil Williams, over whom he’d won a split decision last year, was due to a New Jersey State Athletic Commission suspension against Vanda. The match was changed from a 10 round fight to a 6 round exhibition with 16 ounce gloves. It was entertaining, but a let down compared to the expected drama. While Minnesota Commissioner R.D. Brown said there is a suspension against Vanda, he would not verify the reason for it. While Boxers and Writers Magazine believes to know the reason from reliable sources, it has been unable to verify it officially. On the night of the fight the web site www.boxrec.com only reported Vanda’s suspension record through 2008, and information was not readily available to Boxers and Writers Magazine from Fight Fax at www.fightfax.com. A request is in for the information from Fight Fax. Vanda’s trainer, Otis Gage, said there is a suspension against Vanda from the New Jersey Commission and that Vanda has until Tuesday, December 21, to file an appeal. Gage says he believes an appeal will be filed. The suspension came after Vanda’s last fight, a 10 round unanimous decision loss to Ozzie Duran in New Jersey on November 12.

In addition to the Kliewer-Bonsate fight there was a full night of entertaining boxing.  Read full Report here

“Season’s Beatings”
The rematch of Matt Vanda and Phil Williams
Results of Weigh Ins, Friday, December 17, 2010

Main Event, 10 rounds, contract weight 165 lbs.
Matt Vanda, 163               vs.              Phil Williams, 164.5

Semi-Main Event, contract weight 168 lbs.
Anthony Bonsante, 167              vs.              Robert Kliewer, 165.5

Contract Weight 135 lbs.
Tony Lee, 136.5              vs.              David Laque, 133
(Tony Lee has given up $100.00 of purse to Laque for weight difference)

Contract Weight, 118 lbs.
Antwun Robertson, 116.5              vs.              Brad Patraw, 117.5

Contract Weight, 152 lbs.
Donny tierney, 153.5              vs.              Robert Butters, Jr., 154

Contract Weight, 120 lbs.
Jonathon Perez, 118.5              vs.              Randi Ronchi, 119

Contract Weight, 147 lbs.
Jamal James, 145              vs.              Ryan gronvold, 147

Contract Weight, 133 lbs.
John Jackson, 131              vs.              Willshaun Boxley, 132

By Mark Connor
© Copyright 2010, Mark Connor

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