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David Morrell, Jr. defends against Mario Cazares

Mixing it up in the first round in what appeared to be shaping up to a very competitive fight, suddenly David Morrell, Jr. landed a good left hand from his southpaw stance , buckling the knees of challenger Mario Cazares, who caught his balance with hands down to his sides. Morrell immediately landed another pictrure perfect straight left hand that dropped Cazares flat on his back for a first round knockout.

David Morrell, Jr. about to knockout Mario Casares in the First round.

Thrilled to be at a world class boxing card after a shutdown year with no public boxing, the crowd at the Armory in Minneapolis jumped to their feet in jubilation for Morrell, the newly adopted hometown hero who defected from the oppression of Cuba to persue professional boxing greatness in the U.S. It was a short party, given that the main event ended so early, but the card was a great one, with action packed contests entertaining fans for a full night of skillfll boxing.

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