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    White Collar Boxing is a term coined decades ago at Gleason's Gym in Brooklyn, New York. It refers to men who work white collar jobs but learn to box recreationally and work out regularly at the gym. It now also refers to women who do the same thing. In April 2006 I published an article in Upsize Minnesota about Lisa Bauch and her Uppercut Boxing Gym. I also personally train white collar boxers there. Look to this page for regular features of some of the enthusiasts who train at Uppercut Gym, including Steve McComas, four time Light Heavyweight Masters (over 35) Division International Ringside Champion and environmental scientist, and many others.


McComas’ Experience pulls him through, Sheahan misses with valiant effort

On Saturday night, February 20, St. Paul’s Steve McComas proved why he has won three Master’s Division Ringside International Light Heavyweight Championships when he pulled out a close victory over Bill Ruscher from New Jersey. Ruscher was tough and obviosly won the first round, but McComas reversed the momentum in the second, kept the pressure up in the third, and pulled it out with a relentless attack in the last 30 seconds of the fight.

McComas’ teammate from Uppercut Gym in Minneapolis, Ryan Sheahan, was unable to squeak by a tough and skilled Paul Corbett of New Jersey. Corbett was able to counter the taller Sheahan’s jab with an overhand right and in the third round utilized an extra reserve of energy that pulled him through.

It was an honor and a pleasure to have been at the competition and to work the corners of both these men with the excellent assistance of Brooklyn native and Gleason’s alumni Manny Fernandez, who recently opened his own gym in North Hollywood, California. Pictures of the event will be posted shortly.

Interestingly enough, McComas is also an author, having written Lake and Pond Management, a work that is used as a text book and by professionals.

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