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Meet up with Breland prompts plan to discuss career as boxer, trainer, transition between the two

While supporting Minnesota Masters Division boxers Ryan Sheahan and Steve McComas, who competed at the Gleason’s Gym Masters Clinic in Brooklyn, NY on February 20, I was able to speak briefly with Mark Breland, the 1984 Welterweight Olympic Gold Medalist and former professional World Welterweight Champion who now trains professional…

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Sugar Ray Leonard on Manny Pacquiao: Why he destroyed Hatton and why he’s so dominant

When Sugar Ray Leonard was kind enough to speak with Boxers and Writers Magazine after the Celebrity Roast of Scott LeDoux in Minneapolis in May, he also generously shared his assessment of the Manny Pacquiao knockout over Ricky Hatton. “I didn’t think the fight would end that soon,” he said.…

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Observations from 2009 Visit to Wild Card Boxing Club

Boxers and Writers Observations from 2009 Visit to Wild Card Boxing Club, Hollywood, California I was fortunate enough to travel to California from May 20 through June 3, 2009, and I visited the Wild Card Boxing Club in Hollywood, where today’s most successful boxing trainer, Freddie Roach, runs his program.…

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